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Amatrol has developed the most comprehensive, in-depth selection of online electrical training solutions available today, beginning with the basics of AC/DC electrical and moving on to more advanced topics like electrical machines, relay control, fabrication, electrical motor control, electrical wiring and power distribution.

These learning systems feature world-class online curriculum, skill assessment, and real-world components for an unmatched offering of skill-building possibilities. Many of these systems also offer fault troubleshooting training through Amatrol’s FaultPro, the industry’s premier electronic fault insertion product. The equipment available in this technical area is an integral part of several Amatrol programs like HVAC, Power and Energy, Green EnergyIndustrial Maintenance, and many more!

Amatrol not only offers the fullest range of electrical training solutions, but we’ve also designed additional systems that cater to diverse customer needs. We offer online electrical learning systems for industrial and post-secondary training, as well as systems specifically geared toward high school programs. Amatrol has also produced an extensive assortment of portable electrical systems for when you need training on-the-go.

  • t7017a-700x486.jpg

    AC/DC Electrical

  • 990-ACDC1.jpg

    Portable AC/DC Electrical

  • 96-ecs1-700x478.jpg

    Electrical Relay Control

  • 990-EC1.jpg

    Portable Electrical Relay Control

  • image.png

    Portable Electrical Relay Control Troubleshooting

  • 950-elf1-700x447.jpg

    Electrical Fabrication

  • website-700x462.jpg

    Rotating Machines 1

  • 85-mt2b-1-700x431.jpg

    DC Generators

  • 85-mt2c-700x438.jpg

    Alternators / Synchronous Motors

  • wound-rotor-motor-industrial-motor-train

    Wound Rotor Motor

  • image.png

    Electric Motor Troubleshooting

  • motor-control-training-system-700x454.jp

    Electrical Motor Control 1

  • 990-mc1f-700x493.jpg

    Portable Electrical Motor Control Troubleshooting

  • motor-braking-training-system-700x471.jp

    Motor Braking

  • reduced-voltage-starting-training-system

    Reduced Voltage Starting

  • electronic-sensors-training-system-700x5

    Electronic Sensors

  • electronic-counter-training-system-700x6

    Electronic Counter

  • 850-mt6b-700x460.jpg

    Industrial Electrical Wiring

  • 85-mt6ba-700x506.jpg

    VFD Wiring and PLC Wiring

  • 85-mt6bb-700x475.jpg

    Industrial Soldering

  • 85-MT6BC-Header-700x518.jpg

    Ethernet and Analog Wiring Skills

  • electrical-power-distribution-training-s

    Electrical Power Distribution

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