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At iConnectTraining we strongly believe in providing the HVAC/R student with the knowledge and training for the safe and efficient operation of all types of systems found in our industry.

We also believe that prior to going out into the field, the student should fully understand the theory and operational or service techniques behind each specific system.

Amatrol’s HVAC Training Program combines HVAC training courses with world-class simulators featuring industry-standard components so that learners are prepared for successful HVAC maintenance careers. Amatrol offers an unrivaled pairing of theoretical depth and breadth and hands-on skills in areas such as electrical, fluid power, mechanical, electronics, and many more!

For more in-depth explanations and applications of HVAC, please reference the following Amatrol article:

Amatrol HVAC


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"I like the fact that we have an unobstructed view of the workings of the air handler, and we can show students that parts without having to take covers off. Now that they are on a smaller platform, it's easier to move from classroom to classroom. These Training Units are well put together, and everything is sturdy. They give us the ability to mimic service problems and have students try to overcome them with good methodology."

- Emilio Gelfenstein

Campus Director & Chair of HVAC Program,

Florida Career College

"The TU-805 trainers we purchased have been the best money I have spent for my lab, they really help explain the refrigeration cycle to my students. It makes it so much easier when they can see what is going on and follow the flow. I also like the ability to control the fan speeds so you can demonstrate plugged filters and coils, they are truly amazing. One of my first year students even made the comment that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread!!!! I have to agree with him, as they really help get that "Ah-Ha" moment when the students get what is going on. Thank you again and I look forward to more products from NPI."

- Kyle Braun

HVAC-R Coordinator, Iowa Central Community College

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Where does zSpace fit?

zSpace gives students a safe and efficient way to apply theory by simulating a broad range of practical and complex tasks. At TechEd Products we help you create a mix of curriculum, simulation software, and simulation hardware to shorten the learning curve and allow your students to succeed in real-world applications sooner.



Some of our HVAC-R customers are checking out zSpace laptops to their students, allowing them to practice a wide range of tasks from each area. Contact us at to see what distanced learning options are available on zSpace for your CTE program.


HVAC by Labtech introduces the student to the basics of refrigeration and air conditioning. The trainer is a fully operational unit that contains the basic components found in many refrigeration and air conditioning systems.