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Deliver immersive and interactive learning experiences for tomorrow's workforce, today.

Transform your science, math, and CTE programs.

Immersive and interactive experiences for tomorrow's workforce.

High capacity performance for gamers and creators.

Impact Learning Like Never Before



Improve achievement in science, math, and career & technical education.



Inspire curiosity about learning.



Bring learning to life through immersive experiences.



Learn today the way you'll work tomorrow.

Empower Every Learner

Over 2,500 organizations use zSpace to engage and prepare millions of learners for success in college & careers.

"Every single one of the students were engaged in the learning."

Demario Strickland

Demario Strickland

Middle School Principal

Provide evidence-based instruction in science, math, and CTE

Explore research on how zSpace impact achievements and 21st century skills in the classroom and other learning space including media centers, maker-spaces, and museums.

Which Solution Matches Your Needs?

Find hardware, software, standards-aligned content, services, and support.

Hands-on, Experiential Learning in Science, Math, and Other STEAM Content Areas

Engage your students in standards-based learning experiences regardless of how they are learning - remote, in-person, or hybrid.


Postsecondary & Advanced Sciences Solutions

Enhance you programs focused on core academics and career readiness

Open up the possibilities of employment in engineering, biotechnology, biology, chemistry, and physics with AR/VR tools that make abstract concepts easier to understand.


Career and Technical Education Solutions

Integrate zSpace into 12 of the 16 CTE pathways including Health Science, Manufacturing and Transportation.

Prepare your students to meet the needs of the current workforce with applications and lesson aligned to certifications like NOCTI and other industry specific programs.


Not Your Average Computer

zSpace utilizes three sensory characteristics to create a natural and intuitive product.

Depth Pic

Preception of Depth

Improve achievement in science, math and CTE.

Look AroundPic

Ability to look around

Inspire curiosity about learning.

Realism Pic

Kinesthetic realism

Bring learning to life thru immersive experiences.

Apps Designed to do the Impossible

We know experiential learning improves. student achievement and engagement. zSpace brings content that would otherwise be too dangerous, impossible, counterproductive, or expensive to life.

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Innovation Requires More than Technology

Empower and accelerate your team's success with planning, raining, and support form zSpace.

Ready to Transform Your School?

We understand that every school and classroom has different needs.
We will work with you to customize a zSpace classroom, lab, media center, or makerspace that fits the learning needs of your teachers and students.

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