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Automotive Technology

The goal of any automotive program is to transform students into entry level technicians, in the most efficient manner possible. Since vehicles are becoming increasingly sophisticated, it is necessary for students to learn ever greater amounts of information in less time. We know from experience that students gain skills and acquire knowledge most effectively when using a hands-on approach (as opposed to just reading or listening), but does that approach have to equate to more work for instructors?

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Curriculum from our other partners prepares students for zSpace by teaching theory.



zSpace provides a safe, efficient way for students to practice complex exercises.


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Trainers featuring real industrial components allow students to get hands-on with experience



Students succeed with real-world applications more quickly after using these training tools.


As part of the new training model, we must recognize that today's vehicles were not designed for educational purposes. For instance, modern vehicles tend to be smaller with less accessible components and systems. In addition, how many students can fit under the hood of a single vehicle at the same time?

In the past, automotive training involved more of a job-shop approach where all training was centered on actual vehicles. For the instructor, managing this approach became the # of cars times the # of students, which resulted in a greater time requirement for the instructor. Another problem stemmed from the liability concerns for both the students and the vehicle owners. These issues, and others, mandated a need to implement a different training model in order to meet the needs of students.


ATMC & Case

In January 2005, ATech became the only training equipment designer/manufacturer in the world to be Continuing Automotive Service Education (CASE™) certified by the Automotive Service Association (ASE™)


Cloud Based Curriculum

This program has been designed to allow you to build a NATEF certified automotive program that will enable your students to become new hi-tech auto technicians.

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A unique blend of online digital learning resources and practical equipment combines to create an automotive teaching program that will deliver the knowledge and practical skills students need to achieve success.

Our aim is to help you develop skilled technicians with a solid understanding of automotive technology and fault-finding techniques.

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Built with NATEF in Mind

Our learning content is aligned to NATEF standards - at MLR, AST, and MAST levels!

We are continually updating our content to meet these standards.

Why choose our Automotive Program?

Complete Online Automotive Library

Full range of learning content, including presentations, investigations, assessments and practical tasks available online - login anytime anywhere!


Continually Updated

Our team of curriculum creators are continually adding new content to the program. Look out for these new features each time you log on. Your feedback in important to us and drives us to continually improve the content you receive, and the way in which you receive it.


Support, Support... Support!

At the heart of our learning content is a fully integrated support system. Every lesson includes easy access to academic and technical subject support. Teachers - If something goes wrong or you can't find the answer online, we are only a phone call away.


Active Learning

Our active learning program i composed of creative hands-on tasks and interactive virtual software that work together flawlessly to create exciting lessons and environments where students can actively engage in their own learning.


Stimulating Simulators!

Some of our lessons include exciting simulators that provide students with an introduction to fault-finding techniques in the safety of the classroom. These lessons are our favorites!


Learning Management at your Fingertips

Our learning management system will track and record the progress and attainment of your students, and the schools progress overall. To keep your students on their toes you can even see how often they login!

"It's totally different here, we've got computers and all these trainers. It's an excellent way to learn and is much better than just reading books. We have our own laptops so I can go home and study, so when I come in here I can get 100%!" - Alex Diaz, Automotive Student


Automotive in VR

The Automotive VR Training System by GTA offers extraordinary hands-on experiences while improving student interest and performance in mechanic training. These applications greatly expand the opportunities available to students by eliminating consumables, reducing training space, and allowing students to practice in a safe environment.

Where does zSpace fit?

zSpace gives students a safe and efficient way to apply theory by simulating a broad range of practical and complex tasks. At TechEd Products we help you create a mix of curriculum, simulation software, and simulation hardware to shorten the learning curve and allow your students to succeed in real-world applications sooner.



Some of our automotive customers are checking out zSpace laptops to their students, allowing them to practice a wide range of ASE tasks from each area. Contact us at to see what distanced learning options are available on zSpace for your CTE program.


VR Automotive Mechanic lets students practice assembly and disassembly within a virtual shop where safety is guaranteed and practice can be repeated. Students will be better prepared for real-world training.


VR Automotive Expert is the first of its kind, 3D interactive study guide for automotive training. Detailed text and interactive simulations allow students to visualize and engage with content to deepen understanding.


VR Electric Automotive Mechanic by GTAFE allows students to practice the assembly and disassembly of an electric vehicle and its various systems within a virtual mechanic shop where safety is guaranteed and repair procedures can be repeated.


VR Automotive Diagnostics by GTAFE consists of three settings modules (circuit diagram failure, random failure, and failure type). It simulates the whole process of automotive failure diagnosis, offering display of failures and related data, random failure and related maintenance, failure type and corresponding maintenance, and data in case of no failure.


VR Hybrid Automotive Mechanic by GTAFE is comprised of three modules: engine, transaxle, and principles of powertrain. It offers the structure, principles (Basic working principles, VVT-I principles, Atkinson Principles, Transaxle principles, and Principles of planetary gear mechanism), disassembly and assembly (providing guide, training, and examination) of Prius engine and transaxle, as well as Overall working principles and energy flow module of the powertrain.

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