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Electrical and electronic systems represent the largest content in vehicles. Many mechanical and vacuum controls are being replaced with electrical control. The trend is for an increase in electronics usage in vehicles

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    Fault Trainer (Electrical/PWM)

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    Applied Electrical Trainer

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    Electromechanical Trainer

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    Troubleshooting Trainer

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    Electricity Trainer

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    Electronics Trainer

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    GM Specialized Electronic Training (S.E.T.)

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    GM S.E.T. Troubleshooting Trainer

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    S.E.T. Trainer

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    Supplemental Restraint Systems Trainer

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    Displays and Accessories Systems Panel Trainer

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    Automotive Electrics Panel Trainer

  • 750-01_Main.jpg

    Ignition and Charging Systems Panel Trainer

  • 770-01_Main.jpg

    Vehicle Electrical System Trainer

  • 756-01_Main.jpg

    Hybrid Vehicle Systems Panel Trainer

  • 721-01_Main.jpg

    Modern Auxiliary Systems Trainer

  • 720-02_Main.jpg

    Modern Starting and Charging Systems Trainer

  • 701-02_Main.jpg

    Modern Auto Lighting Circuits Trainer

  • 700-10_Main.jpg

    Auto Electronics Trainer

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