Medium / Heavy Duty Truck

Modern medium/heavy duty trucks are required to meet emissions standards. Engines are computer controlled and include many electronic components and systems.

Diesel Engine Performance

  • vw+web+icon-560w.jpg.webp

    Diesel Engine Trainer

  • cummins+hd+web+icon-558w.jpg.webp

    Diesel Engine Trainer (HD)

  • diesel+injection+web+icon-558w.jpg.webp

    Diesel Injection Pump Trainer

  • diesel+system+web+icon-558w.jpg.webp

    Diesel System Trainer

  • HD+web+icon-560w.jpg.webp

    On Vehicle Diesel Trainer

  • 779-01_Main.jpg

    Sectioned Truck Diesel Engine (6-Cylinder)

  • 776-01_Main.jpg

    6-Cylinder Truck Diesel Engine (Common Rail)

  • 776-01-6C DEF.jpg

    6-Cylinder Truck Diesel Engine (with ERS) Trainer

  • 788-01_Main.jpg

    Diesel Engine Management Trainer

  • 771-01_Main.jpg

    HDI Common Rail Fuel Injection System Trainer

  • 779-01_Main.jpg

    Sectioned Truck Diesel Engine (4-Cylinder)

  • 776-01_Main.jpg

    4-Cylinder Truck Diesel Engine (Common Rail)

  • 758-01_Main.jpg

    Diesel Engine Management Systems Panel Trainer

Air Brakes

  • tractor+air+web+icon-558w.jpg.webp

    Tractor System

  • trailer+brake+web+icon-558w.jpg.webp

    Trailer System

  • three+axle+brake+web+icon-560w.jpg.webp

    Three Axle System

  • 778-04_Main.jpg

    Disc Air Brake Trainer

  • 785-01_Main8.jpg

    Live Front Axle with Air Disc Brake Assembly

  • 778-01_Main.jpg

    Air Brake Tractor/Trailer System Trainer

Drive Train

  • 786-02_Main.jpg

    Four Wheel Drive Sectioned Drivetrain

  • 787-01_Main.jpg

    Heavy Duty Sectioned Clutch Trainer

  • 786-01_Main3.jpg

    Four Wheel Drive Sectioned Gearbox

  • 781-01_Main.jpg

    Sectioned Truck Rear Axle (w/ Reduction Hubs)

  • 780-01_Main.jpg

    Sectioned Truck Gearbox Trainer

Suspension and Steering

  • 777-01_Main.jpg

    Electronic Controlled Air Suspension Trainer

Electrical/Electronics Systems

  • 770-02_Main6.jpg

    24 Volt Electrical System Trainer

  • 701-03_Main.jpg

    Heavy Vehicle Lighting Circuits Trainer

  • 757-01_Main1.jpg

    Heavy Vehicle Electrical Systems Panel Trainer

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

  • 766-01_Main.jpg

    Air-Conditioning Systems Trainer

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