Engine Belts


Cutaways have sections of the part cut out in order to expose the internal components. The sectioned parts are painted with differentiate the various components. The cutaways are automotivem diesel, or models.


  • Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 22.53.26.png

    Planetary Gear

  • briggs+web+icon-558w.jpg.webp

    Small Engine


  • ac+comp+382+web+icon-558w.jpg.webp

    A/C Compressor

  • alt+web+icon-558w.jpg.webp


  • gm+motor+web+icon-558w.jpg.webp

    GM Motor

  • hybrid+cut+web+icon-558w.jpg.webp
  • front+man+trans+web+icon-560w.jpg.webp

    Manual Transmission (FWD)

  • man+trans+web+icon-558w.jpg.webp

    Manual Transmission (RWD)

  • power+steering+web+icon+2-558w.jpg.webp

    Power Steering Pump

  • power+rack+web+icon-560w.jpg.webp

    Rack and Pinion

  • axel+web+icon-558w.jpg.webp

    Rear Axles

  • starter+cut+web+icon-558w.jpg.webp
  • transfer+case+1230+web+icon-560w.jpg.web

    Transfer Case

  • 772-01_Main.jpg

    Sectioned Gasoline Engine Trainer

  • 774-01_Main.jpg

    Sectioned Manual Gearbox Trainer

  • 775-01_Main.jpg

    Sectioned Automatic Gearbox Trainer

  • 786-01_Main3.jpg

    Four Wheel Drive Sectioned Gearbox

  • 786-02_Main.jpg

    Four Wheel Drive Sectioned Drivetrain


  • common+rail+web+icon-558w.jpg.webp

    Common Rail

  • cummins+pump+web+icon-558w.jpg.webp

    Diesel Rotary Pump

  • cat+3304b+web+icon-558w.jpg.webp

    Diesel Scroll Metering Pump

  • cat+3208+web+icon-558w.jpg.webp

    Diesel Sleeve Metering Pump

  • 773-01_Main.jpg

    Sectioned Diesel Engine (Common Rail) Trainer

  • 779-01_Main.jpg

    Sectioned Truck Diesel Engine (4-Cylinder)

  • 779-01_Main.jpg

    Sectioned Truck Diesel Engine (6-Cylinder)

  • 780-01_Main.jpg

    Sectioned Truck Gearbox Trainer

  • 781-01_Main.jpg

    Sectioned Truck Rear Axle (w/ Reduction Hubs)

  • 787-01_Main.jpg

    Heavy Duty Sectioned Clutch Trainer

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