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The programmable logic controller (PLC) is considered by many to be the most important development ever in industrial automation, because it is a prepackaged, industrially-hardened computer that can be quickly programmed to control a wide range of industrial processes and machines.

Typical applications include: robots, conveyors, electric motor controls, air conditioning, process control, plastics injection molding, and CNC machines.

Amatrol’s offering of PLC training systems can meet your training needs through outstanding eLearning curriculum, portable PLC training solutions, or a full-scale, heavy-duty workstation loaded with PLC application panels. Amatrol’s products utilize Allen-Bradley and Siemens PLCs to meet your specific training needs. These systems begin with basic PLC operation and PLC programming skills and methodically build to advanced PLC topics.

These industrial systems feature skill assessment products, world-class online curriculum, and real-world components for an unmatched offering of skill-building possibilities. Many of these systems also offer fault troubleshooting training through FaultPro, Amatrol’s exclusive electronic fault insertion software. The equipment available in this technical area is an integral part of several Amatrol programs like Biotech, Power and Energy, Oil and Gas, Industrial Maintenance, and many more!

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    Portable PLC Programming 

  • image.jpeg

    PLC Troubleshooting

  • 990-ele1-700x468.jpg

    Power & Control Electronics

  • 96-CT1-700x477.jpg

    Computer Control PLC Training

  • 85-MT102-Web-Header-700x557.jpg

    Electronic DC Drives Troubleshooting

  • vfd-and-ac-drive-troubleshooting-trainin

    VFD and AC Drives Troubleshooting

  • PLC-motor-control-training-700x288.jpg

    PLC & Motor Control

  • PLC Controller Troubleshooting

  • 85-PS7312-700x478.jpg

    Programmable Controller

  • 89-AS-AB5500-700x474.jpg

    PLC Analog Application

  • PLC-Program-Simulation-Training-700x509.

    PLC I/O Simulator

  • 890-ET200SF_SafetyPLCLS-Siemens_PrelimPh

    PLC Safety Troubleshooting

  • PLC-Graph-Programming-Training-700x399.j

    PLC Graph Programming

  • 89-CN-AB5500-700x476.jpg

    PLC ControlNet

  • 40632-full-700x389.jpg

    SLC500 Data Highway

  • 89-EN-AB5500-WebHeader-700x476.jpg

    PLC EtherNet

  • 89-dp-s7300-700x453.jpg

    PLC Profibus

  • 40803-700x329.jpg

    PLC Distributed I/O

  • 89-ASI-Combo.jpg

    PLC ASI Bus

  • PanelView Operator

  • 89-PNET200-700x484.jpg

    MPC (Siemens ET200pro/STEP 7)

  • 89-RFET200-Web-Header-700x491.jpg

    ET200 RFID

  • 89-SLET200-Web-Header-700x665.jpg

    ET200S Stack Light

PLC / HMI Trainer

Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley) CompactLogix control panel electrical project kit.



  • Rockwell CompactLogix 5380 controller with Integrated Motion (5069-L306ERM) with 16 24VDC digital inputs & 16 24VDC digital outputs

  • Rockwell AB 10” PanelView 5000 Graphic Terminal (PanelView 5310)

  • 5 Port Stratix Ethernet Switch

  • Dual Ethernet Access Ports and Cable Glands forexternal device connections

  • Pre-loaded with structured program template

  • Also sold in kit form along with Rockwell curriculum

  • Endless possibilities – can connect to almost any device!

  • PLC robot integration program template installed


  • Student build kit

  • Discrete I/O kit to FANUC LR Mate peripheral I/O board for robots without ethernet

  • Mobile workbench – adjustable height with power

  • Replenishment parts kit

  • Panel rebuild master kit


  • NEMA 12 steel industrial enclosure

  • 120V, 24 VCD power supply

  • 120V 10’ power cord

  • 5 port ethernet switch

  • Wireless ethernet bolt

  • 4 pushbuttons

  • 1 selector switch

  • PLC: Compact Logix 5000 Series

  • 32 task

  • Dual IP mode (2 diff network connections)

  • DLR, start and linear topologies supported

  • 16 ethernet node connections max

  • 32 socket connections max

  • 2 CIP drive axis connections

  • (position loop/servo control)

  • Ladder structured text, function block diagram

  • Sequential function chart programming interfaces

  • 0.6 MB user memory

  • 8 local I/O Modules max

  • HMI: Panelview 5000

  • 10.4” SVGA TFT color touch display

  • 4:3 aspect ratio

  • 800 x 600 pixel resolution

  • 1GB RAM / 1 GB user memory


(2) 1 year e-learning  subscription included with purchase:

  • CompactLogix 5000 System Fundamentals

  • Basic Ladder Logic Programming

  • Ladder Logic Project Development

  • APT Robot to PLC Integration Curriculum

Plus many more


Rockwell Automation EDU Toolkit Bundle with 1 year subscription included with purchase:

  • (1) Studio 5000 Logix Designer

  • (1) Studio 5000 View Designer

Plus 100+ more


Electronics Technician Association Certification


From basic electronics through to complex systems, the electronics strand of our engineering program gives students the skills and confidence to build and study circuits in detail. Comprehensive study materials provide a blended mix of theory, guided practical activities, and assessments to allow students to gain a deep understanding of this area of engineering.

The Electronic Engineering program provides all the resources you need turn electronics theory into engaging, practical hands-on lessons

Electronics Mailer.jpg

Spark a passion for electronics in your students

Content Mapped to Industrial Standards and Qualifications

Need to teach a lesson that relates to a specific standard? Simply select the standard and our intelligent software will take care of the rest by filtering down a range of presentations, investigations and assessments SPECIFIC to your selected standard.

Easy to Store and Easy to Use

Our electronics equipment has been designed to stack like books on a shelf, making it easy to store and just as easy to use; all you have to do is plug in to a power source.

Written with Teachers in Mind

Our content creators have all been involved in the teaching profession at some stage in their careers and they know exactly what teachers need – instructional content that is easy to implement in the classroom.

Active Learning

Our active learning program is composed of creative hands-on tasks and interactive virtual software that work together flawlessly to create exciting lessons and environments where students can actively engage in their own learning.

Learning Management at your Fingertips

Our learning management system will track and record the progress and attainment of your students, and the schools progress overall. To keep your students on their toes you can even see how often they log in!

Continually Updated

Our team of curriculum creators are continually adding new content to the program. Look out for these new features each time you log on. Your feedback is important to us and drives us to continually improve the content you receive, and the way in which you receive it.

Supporting YOUR State Standards

We apply a magnifying glass to EVERY student expectation to ensure our lessons apply to the standards that YOU teach.

Support, Support… Support!

At the heart of our learning content is a fully integrated support system. Every lesson includes easy access to academic and technical subject support. Teachers - If something goes wrong or you can’t find the answer online, we are only a phone call away.

Stimulating Simulators

Many of our lessons include our exciting Electronic Circuits simulator which gives students an introduction to constructing and operating electronic circuits. This fantastic simulator is also available to buy standalone on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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    Electronic Study Trainer Complete Set

  • 320-11_Main.jpg

    Core Electronics Workstation

  • 320-00_Main.jpg

    Electronics Study Trainer

  • 320-01_Main.jpg

    Electronic Systems

  • 320-14_Main.jpg

    Electromagnetism Card

  • 320-21_Main.jpg

    Diodes and Transistors Card

  • 320-22_Main.jpg

    Transistor Amplifiers Card

  • 320-31_Main.jpg

    Operational Amplifiers Card

  • 320-32_Main.jpg

    Analog Integrated Circuits Card

  • 320-41_Main.jpg

    Combination Logic Card

  • 320-42_Main.jpg

    Sequential Logic Card

  • 320-43_Main.jpg

    A/D - D/A Digital Systems Card

  • 320-44_Main.jpg

    Encoder/Decoder Digital Systems Card

  • 320-45_Main.jpg

    Multiplexer/Demultiplexer Digital Systems Card

  • 320-51_Main.jpg

    Electronic Communications Card

  • 320-61_Main.jpg

    PIC Programmer and Applications Card

  • 450-02_Main.jpg

    Electronic Circuits Student Resource Pack

  • 450-03_Main.jpg

    Electronic Circuits Consumable Pack

  • 450-04_Main.jpg

    Electronic Circuits Design & Simulation Software

  • Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 12.48.46.png

    Soldering and Desoldering Station

  • Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 12.51.12.png

    Electronic Hand Tools Set

PLCs in VR

NIRTEC Industrial Controls is a suite of applications for learning, designing, programming and simulating Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). You will be able to learn how to use the automatic control systems utilized in the industry with just your zSpace.

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