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Robot Lineup

Industrial Robotics for Education - FANUC CERT Program

Industrial robots training in the classroom can safely be achieved through the CERT Program. FANUC America provides the necessary training to the instructor as well as a curriculum to introduce students to robot applications including: integrated vision systems (iRVision), programming a logic controller, and using ROBOGUIDE simulation software.

Industrial Education Solutions

CRX Collaborative Robot Series

FANUC’s new CRX Cobots are safe, flexible, quick to implement, and easy to program.  All with FANUC renowned reliability and 8 years of maintenance-free operations to meet the production needs of today’s manufacturers.


FANUC Certified Education Training

FANUC certified education programs provide industry-relevant training and competency-based skills development across the FANUC robotics product lines. FANUC collaborates with other industry technology leaders in automation, advanced manufacturing, Authorized System Integrators and academia to develop certification programs that address the needs of employers and align with secondary and post-secondary programs of study. FANUC is an authorized provider of Continuing Education Units. All FANUC educational programs meet the national ANSI/IACET standards. FANUC education programs are directly aligned to meet the nationally recognized certifications provided through NOCTI, MSSC, SACA, NIMS, AMTEC and more...

Our programs provide manufacturers and educators with a STEM-based curriculum centered on robot programming and operation. Withe the majority of industry turning to FANUC robots, graduates who are familiar with FANUC equipment and systems have an advantage over their competitors in the job market.

The need for skilled workers with automation training certifications is growing. According to the Manufacturing Institute, there are over 600,000 unfilled manufacturing positions in the US, but many applicants lack the skills and training to do the job. With the number of highly skilled manufacturing jobs continuing to outpace the pool of trained candidates, this gap is expected to grow. The prediction highlights that over two million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled.

Solutions to Fit Any Curriculum

With over 25 million products installed worldwide, FANUC is the most common platform in automation. When students enter the workforce, chances are they will be working on a FANUC robot. Students trained on FANUC products will be better equipped to hit the ground running and be productive from the start.

Certified Education Network

Level 1: Basic Operator

Manufacturing Jobs

Students with this level will attain a basic understanding of robot operations and programming, material handling and its components, as well as get introductions to preventative maintenance with troubleshooting. These training solutions and programs are aligned to the FANUC Certified Robot Operator National Certification offered through NOCTI. This level focuses on the core Robot Operator skills needed by employers at an entry level or incumbent workers skills development.

The FANUC FCR-O1 & FCR-O2 are national assessments based on FANUC's industry recognized Education Program, inclusive of FANUC's Robot Operations, HandlingPRO, HandlingTool Operations and Programming curriculums, ROBOGUIDE simulation software and hands-on FANUC robot labs, provided by a FANUC certified academic instructor.

Specific Standards and Competencies Included in the Certification Assessment:

  • Robot Safety and Safety Devices

  • Demonstrate knowledge of internal robot safety devices and functions

  • Demonstrate knowledge of external safety devices, robot systems and components

  • Identify teach pendant features and functions

  • Knowledge of robot controller function

  • Knowledge of end-of-arm-tool (EOAT) functions

  • Functions, initial installation and start up

  • Prepare robot for installation and startup

  • Determine and perform various start up methods

  • Perform software setup

Students Programming FANUC

Level 1: Robot Solutions

Level 2: Intermediate Technician

Manufacturing Training

Students with this technical level have a more thorough understanding of robot operations and programming, material handling and its components, as well as integrated technology, such as, 2D iRVision, conveyors, digital and Ethernet I/O. These training solutions and programs are aligned to the FANUC Certified Robot Technician National Certification offered through NOCTI. This level focuses on the primary technical skills needed by employers at an intermediate level or increasing an incumbent worker's skills development.

The FANUC FCR-T1 & FCR-T2 are national assessments based on FANUC's industry recognized Certified Education program. This includes: robot operations; HandlingPRO; HandlingTool operations and programming; 2D iRVision; ROBOGUIDE simulation software; and hands-on robot labs - all provided by a FANUC certified academic instructor.

FANUC's Education solutions and equipment use the same advanced machinery a student would encounter upon graduation. Our project-based curriculum will also teach students vital post-graduation skills like problem solving, reasoning, and critical thinking.

FANUC LR Mate Graphic

Level 2: Automation Solutions

Level 3: Advanced Technician

Skilled Jobs

A Level 3 Advanced Technician builds on FANUC's LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 programs and progresses to system integration of advanced automation systems. There are various integrated technology options available, including: PLC, HMI, area scanners, light curtains, wireless communication and I/O, pneumatic devices, smart sensors, RFID tags, conveyors, and data analytics. Hands-on training helps students understand the various system technologies, and how they communicate. In addition, students learn how to troubleshoot and recover from common system errors.

Students at this level may earn the FANUC Advanced Technician certification assessment through NOCTI. This level may be cosponsored by FANUC and the student's employer.


Level 3: Automated Systems and Integrated Solutions

Robotics in VR

Where does zSpace fit?

zSpace gives students a safe and efficient way to apply theory by simulating a broad range of practical and complex tasks. At TechEd Products we help you create a mix of curriculum, simulation software, and simulation hardware to shorten the learning curve and allow your students to succeed in real-world applications sooner.

zSpace Laptop Backpack


Some of our robotic customers are checking out zSpace laptops to their students, allowing them to practice a wide range of tasks from each area. Contact us at to see what distanced learning options are available on zSpace for your CTE program.

PLC / HMI Trainer


Rockwell Automation and FANUC Robotics team up to provide PLC and HMI training delivered by APT Manufacturing. PLC/HMI Trainer is ready to use standalone or fully integrate with your FANUC Robot.

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