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Amatrol’s extensive line of automation learning systems focuses on two main areas: robots and programmable logic controllers (PLC), specifically their function and application within automated production lines. The learning systems within this area take a building block approach to skill development, beginning with rudimentary topics like basic robot operation and basic component adjustment before moving to more advanced topics like serial device applications and multiple station control.

Amatrol Automation


Amatrol’s extensive line of automation training systems focuses on advanced smart factory, robotics, and mechatronics technologies. These training systems build automation skills methodically, beginning with basic topics like robot operation and component adjustment before moving to advanced topics, such as serial device applications and multiple station control.

Advanced automation technologies are the heart of Industry 4.0 and vital parts of Amatrol programs like Industry 4.0 Fundamentals (I4F)Mechatronics, Packaging, Industrial Maintenance, and STEM. Amatrol’s automation training systems combine in-depth, comprehensive curriculum with real-world industrial components for exceptional hands-on skill-building.


Smart Factory


Amatrol’s Smart Factory training system is an eight-station automated manufacturing line that assembles a functional, two-way pneumatic valve. This system utilizes either a FANUC LR Mate robot or an Amatrol Pegasus robot, IGear Squeaks software for Smart Factory communication, Allen-Bradley and/or Siemens PLCs, and an additional cart that houses systems for Ethernet, Wireless Communication, and Network Security training. Each of the eight stations features a smart sensor or component, such as pneumatic/vacuum, ultrasonic, photoeye, stack light, electrical current, and analog pressure sensors.

Visit our Smart Factory Training page for more in-depth information about Smart Factory technology and Amatrol’s training solutions. 

Tabletop Smart Factory


Amatrol’s Tabletop Smart Factory offers Industry 4.0 training in a compact, portable system that’s perfect for high schools or anywhere training space is limited. The five-station system includes Smart Factory components for Ethernet, RFID/Sensors, Barcode, and more. It also connects with Amatrol’s Portable PLC Troubleshooting Learning System – AB Compact Logix (990-PABCL1F), which provides performance analysis of the system via I/O Link.

For more information about how you can incorporate Amatrol’s Tabletop Smart Factory into your high school CTE program, check out this informative article: Teach Hands-On Smart Automation Skills in High School Using Amatrol’s Tabletop Smart Factory.



Amatrol’s robotics training systems feature the Pegasus II servo robot (880-RA21B), which has an open arm design that supports hands-on knowledge application and skill development. While small in size, the Pegasus is a giant when it comes to teaching and learning capabilities. Within the Robotics and Computer Programming 1 training system (94-RCP1) and the add-on Flexible Manufacturing 1 training system (94-FMS1A), major topics include:

  • Application Development & Production Control

  • Point-to-Point Assembly & Palletizing

  • Pneumatic Robot Control


FANUC Robotics


FANUC's education robots are real-world industry solutions designed for the classroom

Our robot education program trains instructors to teach students about FANUC robots and software. We’ve developed a curriculum to introduce students to robot applications including integrated vision systems (iRVision), programming a logic controller, and using ROBOGUIDE simulation software. 

Eligible schools can purchase an educational tooling package to integrate robot training into their programs and initiatives. These programs will enable students to learn and use FANUC robots and software – the same products used today in industrial workplaces all over the world.

Automation in VR


Where does zSpace fit?

zSpace gives students a safe and efficient way to apply theory by simulating a broad range of practical and complex tasks. At TechEd Products we help you create a mix of curriculum, simulation software, and simulation hardware to shorten the learning curve and allow your students to succeed in real-world applications sooner.



Some of our automation customers are checking out zSpace laptops to their students, allowing them to practice a wide range of tasks from each area. Contact us at to see what distanced learning options are available on zSpace for your CTE program.


NIRTEC Industrial Controls is a suite of applications for learning, designing, programming and simulating Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). You will be able to learn how to use the automatic control systems utilized in the industry with just your zSpace.


Industrial Robotics Expert by GTAFE allows students to bring the textbooks to life with a particular focus on preparing them for industry standards. Content includes electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, and pneumatic principles. Students will explore complex standards and explore how these principles work together.

Industrial Robotics Mechanic by GTAFE allows students to practice assembly/disassembly, with a particular focus on preventative maintenance, and common procedures for manufacturing robots. Students will practice daily, monthly and quarterly maintenance procedures in this self guided application.