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zSpace in K12 Education

zSpace applications engage students in standards-based learning experiences that align with the curriculum. Students construct knowledge and understanding of concepts across multiple curriculum areas with a strong focus on STEM subjects.

Learning with zSpace

zSpace provides experiences and the medium to support instruction and students’ learning and curiosity. Students learn by asking questions, gathering information, developing models, testing ideas, analyzing data, and developing conclusions. Teachers facilitate learning by setting up tools and resources that help students through the lesson.

zSpace K-12 Education - TechEd Products

zSpace Learning Applications

zSpace Studio - TechEd Products
zSpace Studio
Leopoly Maker - TechEd Products
Leopoly Maker
BlocksCAD - TechEd Products
Newton's Park - TechEd Products
Newton's Park
Geogebra Classic - TechEd Products
Geogebra Classic
MEL Chemistry - TechEd Products
MEL Chemistry
Franklin's Lab - TechEd Products
Franklin's Lab
zSpace Experiences - TechEd Products
Curie's Elements - TechEd Products
Curie's Elements
Labster Experiences - TechEd Products
Labster Experiences
Euclid's Shapes - TechEd Products
Euclid's Shapes
VIVED Science - TechEd Products
VIVED Chemistry
VIVED Science - TechEd Products
VIVED Science
Activity Builder - TechEd Products
Activity Builder

"Every time I visit a zSpace class, the kids are 100 percent engaged, they absolutely love it and they can’t wait to get a visitor’s attention and share what they are doing."


District Supervisor of Instructional Technology

Buffalo Public Schools

Ready to Transform Your School?

We understand that every school and classroom has different needs.

We will work with you to customize a zSpace classroom, lab, media center, or makerspace that fits the learning needs of your teachers and students.

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