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A Man Welding

Metal Fabrication

As the welding profession continues to mature and evolve, so does the definition of knowing how to weld. These days, employers require experience with more types of welds than ever before as well as exposure to robotic automation, advanced welding equipment, exotic materials, specialized code certification, welding theory, welding procedure specifications and more.

Bridge the Classroom to the Real World with Welding Training Systems

Help welders hone skills faster and for less money, and prepare the next generation of welding professionals to exceed demands for enhanced quality and competency with Lincoln Electric’s VRTEX® and REALWELD® trainers.


Why Choose VRTEX Welding Simulators?


Reduce training costs


No metal, sparks, heat, gas or fumes


Certification rate increase*


Faster training


ROI Calculator
Track savings for every weld with the Weldometer™ ROI Calculator


Mobile Learning
For quick, easy setup

*Average increase using virtual reality equipment, according to Iowa State University study.


Innovative Features

and Functions Include:


Demos of Proper Welding Technique


Tracking and Scoring on Key Welding Parameters

(Including work angle, travel angle, travel speed, distance and position)


Exclusive Visual Discontinuities* and Actual Welding Sounds* Help the User Identify and Correct Welding Technique

* Only available on Lincoln Electric brand VR trainers

Available Upgrades

Lincoln Electric’s VRTEX® Oxyfuel Cutting feature, made possible through an ongoing partnership with The Harris Group, enables welding instructors and students to experience torch cutting in a virtual environment. From setting up the torch to executing the cut, every aspect of the Oxyfuel Cutting feature is designed to address real-world cutting applications. 

Cutting Set up Procedures

  • Select quick connect valves & fuel pressures in proper safety sequence. 

  • Fuel choices include Propane or Acetylene. 

  • Step by step torch lightening sequence follows safety protocols and reinforces the importance of reading the flame. 


Cutting and Analysis

  • Similar to VRTEX® welding, each cutting exercise allows users access to Visual Cues to assist with aim, angle, distance and speed. 

  • Feedback is provided on the LASER scoring screen with each single line of data on the chart representing the performance parameter of individual technique 

Lincoln Robotic Welders

REALWELD® Welding Training Systems


Adding a REALWELD® Advanced Trainer to your welding program can help you improve training results. Using the system’s Arc OFF mode, your students can practice, troubleshoot and master welding techniques while reducing program material costs, including welding plate, electrode or wire and shielding gas. With audio coaching and instructor review of objective scores on five welding parameters, your students hit the booth running to speed up comprehension and training time.

Lincoln Robotic Welding Trainers

The Lincoln Electric Robotic ClassMate cell is a complete robotic training solution designed to meet the need for advanced manufacturing training. Instructors can teach robotic concepts in the classroom and quickly move to the lab for welding practice. Students can perform offline programming and then test their skills at a manufacturing-ready robotic cell.

Robotic Welding

Miller Robotic Welding Trainers

Weld CERT Cart

Certified Robotic Welding Trainer

  • Qualifies for FANUC educational CERT program (ARC Mate only)

  • Integrated system with FANUC equipment

  • Integrated system with Miller equipment

  • FANUC ARC Mate or CRX options

  • Ships with project-based learning

  • Fits through doorway

Fenced Cart

Fenced Cart with ARC Mate Robot

CRX Miller

Fenceless Cart with CRX Robot

(*CRX robots are not eligible for the CERT program)

What Can I Do with a Weld CERT Cart?


Career Paths and Certifications

FANUC Robotics Courses:

(*CRX not eligible)

  • ArcTool Operation and Programming

  • WeldPRO

  • iRVision 2D **

  • Advanced TPP

  • DCS

Miller Open Books Courses:

  • Robotic Arc Welding Fundamentals

  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG)

  • Applied Knowledge - Robotic Welding Labs

APT Integration Courses:

(*CRX not eligible)


  • Intermediate Concepts: Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Industrial Equipment

  • Basic Integration Labs: PLC, HMIS, Robot, Ancillary Components

  • Safety Systems, Standards Design, and Application

** Must purchase vision options in order to teach FANUC iRVision

Career Paths:

  • FANUC Robot Operator - Material Handling

  • FANUC Robot Operator - Arc Welding *

  • FANUC Robot Technician

  • Robotic Welding Technician *

  • Maintenance Technician

  • PLC/Controls Technician

  • Industrial Controls Integrator

*CRX Only qualifies for marked paths

NOCTI Certifications:

(*CRX not eligible)

  • FCR-01 (FANUC Certified Operator 1 - Written

  • FCR-02 (FANUC Certified Operator 2) - Performance

  • FCR-T1 (FANUC Certified Robot Technician 2)

AWS Certifications:


  • American Welding Society - CRAW Certification


Miller Logo


OpenBook™ is Miller’s learning management software. It’s designed to help you plan, offer, and assess student learning. It provides welding instructors, learners, and management with an easy tool to teach welding concepts and techniques to a variety of students  from those just starting out to professionals in the field who’d like to learn new skills or refresh their current techniques.

Certified Education Logo


*CRX robots are not eligible for the CERT program

  • FANUC ARC CERT Gift in Kind Package for qualified schools.

  • FANUC Advanced Academic Software/ARC Bundle

  • FANUC ARCTool Student Certificate Program

  • Optional iRVision


*FANUC Education Grant available for new Educational Institutes.


APT Features
  • Welded Construction

  • Tinted sides to protect classroom (helmet required for viewing)

  • Fully Integrated collapsible mobile cart design, fits through standard 36″ door

  • Robot work area guarded for student safety

  • Collapsed dimensions: 80″ L x 33″ W x 78″ H

FANUC Authorized System Integrator
FANUC Features

FANUC CRX 10iA with R30iB Plus Mini robot controller (*not eligible for CERT program)


FANUC ARC Mate 50iD/7L: high-speed ARC welding robot with R30iB Plus robot controller

  • Standard IP67 rating gives it the versatility to work in harsh environments including dusty and wet areas

  • 6 axes

  • Up to 7kg

  • Precise arc welds

The FANUC ARC Mate 50iD/7L is a high-speed ARC welding robot that is equipped with added reach. Its standard IP67 rating gives it the versatility to work in a variety of different harsh manufacturing environments including dusty and wet areas. With 6 axes, this robot can carry up to 7kg while creating precise arc welds.


With FANUC’s ArcTool software, learning on the ARC Mate 50iD/7L will provide students with the knowledge and confidence to operate a variety of FANUC ARC Mate Series Robots and support employer’s need to develop more efficient and profitable welding processes.

Miller Features

Auto-Continuum™ Systems

Easily add new processes and custom programs via the USB interface.

Parameter flexibility allows the systems to be set for voltage and wire feed speed control, or for voltage and amperage control.


  • Fast, low-heat, low-spatter process – for high-speed automation on materials 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) and thinner.

  • Great for gab filling

  • Shortest arc length/lowest pulse voltage for lower head and lower spatter at higher speeds


  • The most popular process for majority of industrial welding applications

  • Most adaptive arc on 16 gauge (1.6 mm) and thicker

  • Designed for all weld positions


  • Lowest heat process, best for gap handling

  • Limited travel speed

Miller Welding Robots
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