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As the welding profession continues to mature and evolve, so does the definition of knowing how to weld. These days, employers require experience with more types of welds than ever before as well as exposure to robotic automation, advanced welding equipment, exotic materials, specialized code certification, welding theory, welding procedure specifications and more.

Virtual Welding Training -

Real Welding Results

Help welders of all levels hone skills faster and improve their performance for less money with VRTEX virtual reality welding simulators from Lincoln Electric.

From the most accurate representations of welding puddles and coupons, to actual welding sounds and the ability to track precise movements and positions, what can be learned virtually with a VRTEX welding simulator seamlessly transfers into real-world, hands-on welding applications. Save on welding materials and reduce instruction and training costs while developing welding skills in less time than traditional training. Increase welder certification rates and reduce mistakes with a proven solution for developing the critical hands-on welding skills every welder needs to know.

" The VRTEX welding simulator is saving us tens of thousands of pounds of material, not to mention electricity for all of the equipment, which is tremendous."

- Craig Triplett

Assistant Director,

Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters

Why Choose VRTEX Welding Simulators?


Reduce training costs


No metal, sparks, heat, gas or fumes


Certification rate increase*


Faster training

ROI Calculator

Track savings for every weld with the Weldometer™ ROI Calculator

Mobile Learning

For quick, easy setup

*Average increase using virtual reality equipment, according to Iowa State University study.

Innovative Features

and Functions Include:

Demos of Proper Welding Technique

Tracking and Scoring on Key Welding Parameters

(Including work angle, travel angle, travel speed, distance and position)

Exclusive Visual Discontinuities* and Actual Welding Sounds* Help the User Identify and Correct Welding Technique

* Only available on Lincoln Electric brand VR trainers

REALWELD® Welding Training Systems


Adding a REALWELD® Advanced Trainer to your welding program can help you improve training results. Using the system’s Arc OFF mode, your students can practice, troubleshoot and master welding techniques while reducing program material costs, including welding plate, electrode or wire and shielding gas. With audio coaching and instructor review of objective scores on five welding parameters, your students hit the booth running to speed up comprehension and training time.


Robotic Welding Trainers

The Lincoln Electric Robotic ClassMate cell is a complete robotic training solution designed to meet the need for advanced manufacturing training. Instructors can teach robotic concepts in the classroom and quickly move to the lab for welding practice. Students can perform offline programming and then test their skills at a manufacturing-ready robotic cell.

Do you use Miller Welders in Your Classroom?

We also offer Robotic Welding with a FANUC Robotic Arm in conjunction with Miller Welding Components.

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