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The zSpace laptop provides a unique, personalized experience that eliminates the barrier between the user and content by combining elements of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in one platform that allows the user to explore and create lifelike experiences.

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Kinesthetic Realism

zSpace features kinesthetic realism, using familiar movements and interactions that people commonly perform. Users often do not need to even think about what they are doing in zSpace because the Tracking System reads the position of your body and responds to your movements throughout the interaction, creating a natural and comfortable experience.

Ability to Look Around

With zSpace, users have the Ability to Look Around virtual objects as if they are real. The position and orientation of the objects are updated in real-time as the person moves their head, creating both a realistic and comfortable viewing experience.


Perception of Depth

With the Perception of Depth, virtual objects look real as they appear both out of and into the screen. No longer are you constrained by the screen.

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zSpace Stylus - TechEd Products
Lightweight eyewear unlocks the 3D magic of zSpace
Tracking System
Every zSpace system has tracking built into the display
The zSpace stylus allows you to bring objects out of the screen as if they were real objects
Our Tracked Glasses work in conjunction with the zSpace Tracking System to provide the user with an interactive AR/VR experience. Follower Glasses allow others to join in and participate for a collaborative experience.
zSpace Glasses - TechEd Products
Tracking System
The zSpace Tracking System works with your Tracked Glasses and allows you to look around, under, and over a virtual object for a personalized and realistic experience.
With the zSpace stylus, users can rotate their wrist naturally as they pick up and examine objects. The buttons on the stylus perform different actions depending on the zSpace application you are using.
zSpace Stylus - TechEd Products
zSpace provides a simple and effective port selection including USB (type A and C), HDMI, and audio as well as a kensington lock port.
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AMD APU A9-9420
zSpace features an AMD 7th generation APU (accelerated processing unit) that combines the CPU (central processing unit), cache and discrete class Radeon GPU (graphics processing unit) on the same chip die using the same bus.
zSpace AMD-APU - TechEd Products
Batteries, Cart, Battery Power Stations and Associated Cables
To maximize the classroom experience, zSpace also recommends several additional items to accompany a classroom of laptops. To store and charge your laptops, zSpace can provide a 24 or 36 slot charging cart. These carts include lockable storage for the laptop peripherals, horizontal slots for easy access and reduced wear and tear, large industrial 6-inch wheels and an intelligent charging system. To extend your instructional minutes, zSpace can also provide external batteries and battery charging stations, selected and tested by zSpace.
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zSpace Inspire & Inspire Pro

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zSpace AIO & AIO Pro

Ready to Transform Your School?

We understand that every school and classroom has different needs. We will work with you to customize a zSpace classroom, lab, media center, or makerspace that fits the learning needs of your teachers and students.