Blended Learning &

Remote Learning

Use these resources to learn how zSpace supports Blended and Remote Learning Strategies. Examples Demonstrate use of zSpace in Face-to-Face and Distance Instruction.

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Station Rotation

Students rotate through stations following a schedule. One of the stations includes zSpace. zSpace can be used as a tool to deliver teacher-led instruction, for students to learn and practice, and as a part of online instruction.


Lab Rotation

Students rotate through stations following a schedule. One of the stations includes online learning or zSpace learning in a computer lab. zSpace can be used as a tool to deliver teacher-led instruction or instruction in the lab.

Individual Rotation

Based on a learning path determined by the teacher or instructional software, students rotate to stations based on identified needs. zSpace can be incorporated into stations for direct instruction, online learning, or independent and collaborative learning.


Flipped Classroom

During out-of-class time, students complete online coursework. During in-class time, teachers facilitate highly engaging and interactive learning activities. zSpace can be used to record demonstrations for review at home prior to students having the opportunity to use zSpace to complete engaging and interactive AR/VR learning activities at school.

Online Learning

While students participate in traditional face-to-face instruction, they also have the opportunity to participate in online learning courses based on individual needs and interests. Students may want to take an online course that is not offered at the school. zSpace provides students with interactive experiences to support the online courses.


Enriched Virtual Learning

Students complete a majority of their coursework at home and report to school on an as-needed basis to participate in laboratory or similar face-to-face learning sessions with teachers. zSpace can be used to support course work at home and in the laboratory at school.

Flexible Learning

Students have a flexible learning schedule that is supported by the teacher providing direct support and small-group instruction based on need. Students may use computer stations and labs to support learning. zSpace supports the student by providing engaging activities and interactive experiences in the lab.


Remote Learning

All instruction is delivered remotely when students are unable to attend school because of health or other circumstances. zSpace can be used as a tool for teachers to present or record demonstrations of content that can be streamed or posted to the learning management system for students. Additionally, zSpace laptops can be checked out to select students based on specific course needs to provide interactive experiences.