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WoodEd Table

WOOD-ED TABLE is the only solution in the world that allows you to train your students for the cabinet maker and carpenter trades in a totally safe way.


With this training table, you can reproduce the environment of 4 different machines: band sawrip sawjointer and shaper.

Therefore, the trainee can experience their future job in full immersion, without risks of injury. They will develop self-confidence before using real machines in real conditions.

A secure and autonomous environment

A real-time transcript of your trainees' execution of the gesture

A multi-device table to train on 4 stationary woodworking machines

A customization of your training paths

An efficient work station

With WOOD-ED TABLE, your trainees start by familiarizing themselves with stationary woodcutting machines and their set up. To avoid risks of accidents, the system detects hand position and advises them on how to place their hands correctly. They will then have to execute more and more precise gestures, with a progressively more rapid pace.


The learning variables


WOOD-ED TABLE trains and tests your trainees on the cutting regularity, speed, their hand position, the hands' placement in the safety area, the exercise execution time and the performed movement compliance.

By developing these competencies and their self-confidence, the trainees will be able to carry out the exercises more rapidly and safely, preparing them for real cutting tasks.



The Jointer Module

It offers three types of exercises: planing, cup planing and box planing.


The Band Saw Module

It allows training on mark edging, line edging, fretwork 1R and fretwork 2R.


The Table Saw Module

It enables training on edging, cross cut and calibrating.


The Shaper Module

It offers training on two types of exercises: continuous shaping and fixed shaping.

The Pedagogical Follow Up

Exclusively offered by MIMBUS, the control center VULCAN provides the trainers with the tools to control and evaluate their students' skills.​

This control center gives access to several functions, such as:

  • analysis, evaluation of safety gestures

  • analysis and evaluation of the cut/machining relevance

  • management of "trainee" accounts

  • management of the pedagogical paths

  • platform follow-up on site or "cloud"

Thanks to this pedagogical platform, the instructor keeps being the master of their training and can easily develop new exercises, depending on each trainee's performances. 

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