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WoodEd Factory

WOOD-ED FACTORY offers your trainees the chance to acquire the fundamental professional skill of the job, by reducing your training costs and duration.

Being a sawmill operator requires a range of skills and expertise that it is hard to acquire without slowing down the production line, or risking damage to the equipment. To face this training issue, MIMBUS developed WOOD-ED FACTORY.


The Strengths

Shortened training duration

Reduced machine accidents

Increased practice time for the trainees

Training in realistic exercise conditions

Efficient follow-up of your trainees' performances during exercises

An efficient work station


WOOD-ED FACTORY reproduces the exact environment of a sawmill operator and allows customization of the type of wood worked on and the devices' controls to be adjusted to your needs.

The full range of exercises offered to the operator allow a progressive training, going from basic handling to manually piloting all the equipment movements.

WOOD-ED FACTORY offers your trainees the chance to acquire the fundamental professional skill of the job, by reducing your training costs and duration.

The learning variables


Depending on the chosen type of machine to train on, WOOD-ED FACTORY will follow and analyze the workflow management, the log orientation, and the trainee's decision and reaction time

It will also analyze the observance of the imposed instructions, the cut speed and the wrong handlings.



Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 19.21.01.png


The headrig is designed for sawmill machineries with manual steering. Through increasingly difficult exercises, the students begin with the workstation, the sawing methods, and the handling of a saw log. Finally, they end up training on achieving the production output and experience real-life working situations.

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 19.21.16.png


The canter is designed for sawmill machineries with auto-steer systems. This tool allows for an efficient learning of two levels of technical skills: relevance between the operated control and the action performed, and student's concentration. To make the training even more realistic, WOOD-ED FACTORY stages various incidents that disrupt the simulation.

The Pedagogical Follow Up

Exclusively offered by MIMBUS, the control center VULCAN provides the trainers with the tools to control and evaluate their students' skills.​

This control center gives access to several functions, such as:

  • Respect the imposed instruction

  • Respect the right log orientation

  • Respect the cutting speed

  • Wrong manipulations

  • Reaction time after an incident

  • Decision time after an incident

  • Time without sawing

  • Management of the production flow

Thanks to this pedagogical platform, the instructor keeps being the master of their training and can easily develop new exercises, depending on each trainee's performances. 

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