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Middle/High School STEM

Design & Technology  is a flexible program based on STEM themes such as agriculture, biotechnology, transportation, and computer science, with a focus firmly on technology and engineering.

The program introduces students to the concepts of engineering design and the basic principles of technological systems such as control system and mechatronics. Students apply this knowledge as they explore a range of themes where the emphasis is very much on the application of technology and project-based problem solving.


Educationally, STEM Teaching emphasizes Science and Math - our programs aim to put the 'T' and 'E' back into STEM education!

Design and Technology STEM Program


Each course in the Design & Technology program contains open-ended design project briefs. You can choose from a variety of different equipment packs that will aid your students in their preparation to complete these project briefs.

  • 100-02_Main.jpg

    Sustainable Energy Production

  • 121-00_Main.jpg

    Structures and Materials

  • 122-01_Main.jpg

    Green Energy in Buildings

  • 150-00_Main.jpg

    Research and Design

  • 220-01_Main.jpg

    Engineering Construction Kit

  • 230-01_Main.jpg

    Biomedical Technology Kit

  • ERIK montage.jpg

    Educational Robotics Inventions Kit (ERIK)

  • 278-01_Main.jpg

    Fluid Power

  • 350-01_Main.jpg

    Injection Molding

  • 450-00_Main.jpg

    Electronic Circuits Trainer

zSpace in K12 Education

zSpace applications engage students in standards-based learning experiences that align with the curriculum. Students construct knowledge and understanding of concepts across multiple curriculum areas with a strong focus on STEM subjects.

Experiential Learning

Engaging students though exploration and experiential learning defines the zSpace learning experience.


Our solutions can be configured for classrooms, labs, media centers, and makerspaces, and the mobile solution includes a cart for transporting your zSpace experience to any classroom or learning space.

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