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Now Available on Windows Laptops or PCs and Chromebooks with Play Store Support


Train a Smarter and Safer Workforce


SimBuild Carpentry teaches the fundamental skills used in residential construction. Students progress through a wide range of activities requiring an increasing degree of skill and creativity. As they complete assignments, they build up skills, until they gain the full competencies needed to launch a career in construction.


The SimBuild Carpentry curriculum is broken down into three worksites – Shed, Ranch House and Multilevel House. Each worksite expands knowledge of the primary building systems.

Each building system contains a set of work orders, each with its own activities.


Throughout more than 80 activities, students learn industry specific skills including tool reading, framing, installation process, material estimation and construction terminology.

Designed with the modern learner in mind, SimBuild provides students with immediate feedback, reinforcing content and aiding retention. Students can make mistakes without the costs and risks associated with real materials and live machinery.


Using the Toolbox, students gain important construction knowledge about tools, fasteners, and materials.

The SimBuild learning management system provides instructors with tools to follow student progress and assess learning needs.


Skill Set

By completing the SimBuild Carpentry program, students will gain a familiarity with the core skills needed to attain success in the field of residential construction.

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