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SES Robot Dog

 SES Educational Services Is a leading developer of intuitive robotics and educational training equipment specializing in quadruped educational systems. 

Leaders in STEM Education

SES provides STEM education equipment, supplies and curriculum to serve the needs of teachers and students.


Our line of Unitree quadruped robots, along with our custom curriculum, teach students to utilize and program some of the most advanced robots in the world. Students program and engineer these robots to solve problems and perform tasks to serve their schools and community.

SES Robotics - TechEd Products
Unitree - TechEd Products

Go1 Pro

Perfect for Middle School and Lower High School

This model includes:
  • Human Recognition

  • Intelligent Side Follow

  • Full-view Coverage

  • Five Cameras

  • AI Processing

  • 3 Hypersonic Sensors

  • Object Avoidance

  • Max Speed over 10 mph

  • Strong and Reliable Power System

  • 10 lbs. Carrying Capacity

Unitree Go1 - TechEd Products


Appropriate for Upper High School, Career and Technology Centers, Colleges and University

This model includes all the features of the Go1 Pro plus:
  • Multiple Ports for Input and Output Devices

  • Research API

  • C++ API

  • Optional Lidar

  • Optional Artificial Intelligence Module

  • Gesture Recognition

  • Skeletal Recognition

  • 4G and 5G

Unitree Z1 Arm - TechEd Products

The Z1 Robotic Arm

  • Compact and Light Weight

  • Dexterous and Flexible

  • Impressive Payload

  • Good Accuracy

  • Support Joint Force Control

  • Collision Protection

  • Mounts on AlienGo and B1

  • Synergy in Robotics


  • Twice the Size of Go1

  • High Level Sports Performance

  • Skeleton Recognition

  • Gesture Recognition

  • Over 20 lbs. Payload

  • Depth Vision

  • 3D Environment Construction

  • Probability Map

  • Dynamic Object Perception

  • Loop Detection

  • Visual SLAM - Using Visual SLAM the robot leverages its 3D vision to perform location and mapping features

Unitree AlienGo - TechEd Products
Unitree B1 - TechEd Products


  • Water Proof

  • Dust Proof

  • Depth Camera

  • 3 Ultrasonic Sensors

  • Walking Speed over 4 mph

  • Foot End Force Sensor

  • High Standing Payload (Over 170 lbs.)

  • Large Walking Payload (Over 85 lbs.)

  • Max Stair Climb Height of over 7.5 Inches per Stair

  • Max Slope Climb of over 35 Degrees

  • Wireless Vector Positioning

  • Endurance Time over 4 Hours

  • 4G and 5G Wireless Network Communications

  • Autonomous Charging

  • Security Mounting Platform

  • Police Mounting Platform

  • Search and Rescue Mounting Platform

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