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October 5, 2016
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April 24, 2014

Green Technology Programs

Solar Technology – Hands-on, job-ready skills for the 21st century

Amatrol’s Solar Technology Program will prepare a student for the NABCEP certification exams as well as allow the development of hands-on, job-ready skills. The combination of a NABCEP certification with applied skills will create a strong background for anyone wanting to work in solar technology.

Solar Technology Program

Alternative Energy Learning System – Wind and Solar – 850-AEC
Solar Concepts Learning System – 950-SC1
Solar PV Array Station – 95-SPA1
Solar PV Installation Learning System – 950-SPF1
Solar PV Troubleshooting Learning System – 950-SPT1
Solar Site Analysis – 95-SA1
Solar Thermal Closed-Loop Troubleshooting Learning System – 950-STCL1
Solar Thermal Cold Water Supply Station – 95-STW1
Solar Thermal Installation Learning System – 950-STF1
Solar Thermal Open-Loop Troubleshooting Learning System – 950-STOL1
Solar Thermal Sun Simulator – 95-STS1

Wind Turbine Technology

Amatrol’s Wind Turbine Technology program prepares Wind Turbine Technicians to confidently assess and remedy the many challenges they will face on-the-job. Troubleshooting and problem solving across all the technologies required for Wind Turbine Technicians are keystones for Amatrol’s Wind Turbine Technology program.

Wind Turbine Technology Program

Alternative Energy Learning System – Wind and Solar – 850-AEC
Turbine Electric Hub Troubleshooting Learning System – 950-TEH1
Turbine Nacelle Troubleshooting Learning System – 950-TNC1
Wind Concepts Learning System – 950-WC1
Wind Turbine Generator Control Troubleshooting Learning System – 950-TGC1

Geothermal Learning System – 950-GEO1

From its 2-stage compressor and 2-ton heat pump to the ground source loop that includes a flow center and a header loop, Amatrol’s 950-GEO1 delivers features commonly found in installed geothermal systems but often excluded from training systems. These include a variable speed ECM air blower, water coil heat exchanger, sight-glasses at many points in the system for observing the refrigerant cycle, ample temperature and pressure monitoring, electrical test points, ground simulation, and even the high-density polyethylene pipe specified for use in installed geothermal systems.

Key Features

• Showcases components on vertical panel
• Broad array of geothermal skills
• Packs a residential-sized system on a frame that fits through a standard door