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September 21, 2016
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September 29, 2016

Electrical and Electronic Programs

Hands-on, job-ready skills for the 21st century

Amatrol’s electrical training systems are the best in the industry. Our learning programs are developed in partnership with industry and education to insure that the skills are on target to support modern industry needs.

Amatrol offers a wide array of training systems to meet the many diverse demands in electrical training. Our learning programs are equally effective for technicians, engineers, production workers and anyone needing further understanding and skills in electrical systems.

Electrical Programs
AC/DC Electrical Learning System – T7017A
Alternators/Synchronous Motors Learning System – 85-MT2-C
Basic Electrical Machines Learning System – 85-MT2
Computer Control 1 Unit – 90-CT1
Computer-Based Troubleshooting System – 890-FTS1
DC Generators Learning System – 85-MT2-B
Electric Motor Control Learning System – 85-MT5
Electric Relay Control Unit – 90-EC1A
Electrical Fabrication 1 Learning System – 950-ELF1
Electrical Power Distribution Learning System – 85-MT7-B