Electrical and Electronics – Amatrol
September 29, 2016
Electrical and Electronics – Elenco
September 29, 2016

Electrical and Electronics Programs

Experimental circuit boards for electricity, electronics and digital electronics
Dynalogic Concepts has developed a series of experiment circuit boards to accommodate the Basic Skills Series in Electricity and Electronics published by McGraw-Hill Book Company. The boards are specifically designed to accommodate the experiment manuals in this series.

In the beginning boards components are mounted in circuit areas uncommitted.
At this level students learn how to build circuits by wiring point to point using # 22 solid wire inserted into spring sockets connected to the components. These circuits are correlated to the labs in the experiments manual.

As the student progresses through the advanced boards the circuits become pre-assembled allowing more time to study the circuits. We offer systems in Electricity, Electronics, and Digital Electronics.