Electrical and Electronics – Elenco
September 29, 2016
Engineering – Amatrol
September 29, 2016

Electrical and Electronics Programs



Teach students to understand and professionally install today’s smart home components. You will guide them through Marcraft’s hands-on Residential Electronics Systems Integrator (RESI) program and on to certification.
Your RESI students will become proficient in home theater and telecommunications equipment interconnection. They will be able to install wiring for:
• residential computer networks
• cable TV
• satellite systems
• antenna equipment
• telephone equipment
• audio/video equipment

Students will acquire skills required for low voltage wiring installation. They will work from residential telecommunication wiring plans, install cable fittings and select the specified cabling for each technology. They also will test, mark and document all cabling and will have the ability to troubleshoot and restore pre-existing cabling systems.


Alarm System Mechanics
• History & evolution of electronic alarm systems
• Basic annunciation configurations
• Alarm electronic systems

Alarm System Types
• Control stations and certificate services
• Testing of electronic alarm system circuits
• Creating and development of first central station
• EMI and RFI electrical interference on protective circuits

Signal Processing Units
• Sensors and input devices
• Control panels
• Keypad and remote programming
• Glass protection, motion detection and shock sensing
• Power supplies and power backup
• Touch screen, computers and telephone as input devices

Fire Alarms
• Fire alarms basics and fundamentals
• Residential and commercial installations
• Wireless and electrical monitoring supervision
• Wired and wireless alarm systems
• Fire, heat and smoke detection devices

Computer Interfacing
• Video surveillance and recording
• Internet access to security and surveillance systems
• Security cameras
• Network digital video recorders