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November 2, 2016
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September 22, 2016

21st Century Skills For The HVAC Industry


Amatrol offers a wide array of HVAC Industry Learning Systems that enable students to develop technical skill breadth and depth in all areas of HVAC Industry technology. Mechanics, installers, technicians, and engineers all apply sophisticated technology to bring a broad array of HVAC solutions to industry and residences alike. Technological innovation in building design and energy conservation is driving an unprecedented level of industry change. The challenges faced by the HVAC Industry are many and varied, requiring workers to comprehend and apply a wide knowledge breadth across many areas. The demand for knowledgeable HVAC Industry workers is high and foretasted to remain strong. New workers must be able to successfully interact with increasingly sophisticated systems as the HVAC Industry transforms to meet new, sophisticated market demands.

Amatrol combines basic knowledge with applied, hands-on skills to enable learners to develop the skills needed in modern HVAC Industry. Amatrol’s HVAC Industry Learning Systems are comprehensive, offering strong curriculum, equipment and multi-media to help instructors create those teachable moments where students grasp HVAC Industry concepts and how to really work with them.

Learning Topics
• Process Control and Instrumentation
• Pumps, Piping, and Steam
• Electrical and Electronics
• Motors and Generators
• Electrical Motor Control
• Programmable Logic Control
• Fluid Power
• Rigging
Welding Learning Station