Automotive – ATech
September 22, 2016
Automotive – Marcraft
September 29, 2016

LJ Create develops cloud-based blended learning resources in Green and Sustainability, STEM and Career and Technical Education for elementary, secondary and post secondary education. Their AutoLab2 cloud-based resource provides professional training for the next generation of skilled technicians. Interactive presentations provide both whole-class teaching and individual study. A comprehensive learning management system provides competency-based performance tracking.
Available topics include:
ABS Input Devices
Air Conditioning Components
Alternator Construction and Operation
Automatic Transmission Systems
Brake Assist Systems, Lines, Hoses
Clutches and Flywheels
Disc & Drum Brakes
Distributorless Electronic Ignition Systems
Drive Shafts
Electrical Circuits and Components
Emission Control Systems
Engine Management System Diagnosis
Further Transmission and Driveline Systems
Heating and Air Conditioning Fundamentals
Hybrid and Electric Systems, Fuel and Emissions
Hybrid Vehicle Trainer Electrical Systems
Ignition System Fundamentals
Lighting Fundamentals
Manual Transmission and Driveline Diagnosis
Master Cylinders and Warning Systems
Plug-in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
Series Parallel Systems and Components
Spark Ignition Fuel Injection Systems
Steering System Components
Suspension System
The Cooling System
The Hybrid Vehicle Trainer
The Lubrication System
Traction and Stability Control Systems
Transducer Circuits and Components
Transmission System Fundamentals