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November 3, 2016
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Automobile and Truck Programs

ATech computer-based-instructiondevelops curriculum and training systems for automotive and diesel education. ATech designed the Automotive Classroom using the NATEF standards as a guideline. This design provides for classroom and lab areas to conduct training. Visualizing the lab concept is easier to interpret the standards required for NATEF certification.

Computer Based Instruction
Hands-on activities provide “need-to-know” reinforcement, while computer controlled diagnosis provides troubleshooting practice and competency testing. The animations of important concepts and high interactivity engage student interest. Classroom Management is facilitated with Remote Fault Insertion Capability and Student Record Keeping.

Available programs include:

Electrical Electronic Systems
Electrical and electronic systems represent the largest content in vehicles. Many mechanical and vacuum controls are being replaced with electrical control. The trend is for an increase in electronics usage in vehicles.
Engine Performance
The performance of an engine is measured by power output, economy, durability, and emissions. Today’s engines are computer controlled and regulate the air / fuel delivery, ignition timing, and emissions.
Suspension & Steering
The suspension system provides components that support the frame, body, engine, and drivelines. The suspension enhances the comfort and driving experience. The steering system enables the driver to control the direction of the vehicle.
The brakes allow the driver to slow down and stop the vehicle. Antilock brakes have become a standard on many vehicles and prevent skidding during hard braking.
Heating and Air Conditioning
Vehicle occupants desire regulated temperature while driving. Heating and air conditioning also provides safety by keeping vehicle windows clear of frost or fog.
Transmission & Transaxle
The drive train consists of components that transfer power from the engine to the driving wheels of the vehicle. Automatic transmissions and transaxles use a torque converter to connect the flywheel to the input shaft. Shifting is controlled through hydraulic and electronic control.
Manual Drive Train & Axles
The drive train consists of components that transfer power from the engine to the driving wheels of the vehicle. Manual transmissions and transaxles use a clutch to mechanically connect the flywheel to the input shaft. The driver engages the clutch to manually shift gears.
Engine Repair
Engine repair provides knowledge of assembly and disassembly of an engine. The mechanical components of an engine are involved. Manufacturer specifications are emphasized for adhering to standards.
Medium & Heavy Duty Truck – Diesel & Air Brakes
Modern medium / heavy duty trucks are required to meet 2010 emission standards. Engines are computer controlled and include many electronic components and systems. Pre-2007 model years were not required to meet these standards and many use mechanical systems.

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