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September 29, 2016
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April 28, 2014

SimBuild Industrial Programs



SimBuild Industrial teaches the fundamental skills used by metalworkers and entry level machinists in industrial manufacturing operations. The software’s content builds competencies needed for many manufacturing jobs – tools, safety, applied shop math and plan reading.

The SimBuild Industrial curriculum is broken down into two work areas: Tool Bench and Machine Shop. Each work area expands the knowledge of tools, shop math, manufacturing plans and machine operations.

Within each work area, students gain manufacturing skills by completing a series of progressively more advanced training modules.

Each manufacturing training area asks students to perform a wide range of activities requiring an increasing degree of skill and competence. Skills include work area safety and maintenance, tool use, plan interpretation, machine setup and operations, and manufacturing terminology.

As students successfully progress through their assignments, they build upon the skills they have already acquired, until they gain the competencies needed for a career in industrial manufacturing.

Through the Toolbox and Tool Reading activities, students gain understanding about use complex tools.

The SimBuild learning management system provides instructors with information about student progress and performance, and tracks that progress against competencies students need for job-readiness.