Amatrol is a world leader in skills-based, interactive technical learning. They offer comprehensive learning solutions ranging from engaging high school students in STEM to teaching hands-on skills in the latest, highly sophisticated technologies. The interactivity, in both their equipment and computer-based learning solutions, integrated with strong alignment to industry needs is what makes Amatrol the industry’s leading technical education provider. Amatrol’s learning solutions include interactive multimedia as well as print-based student learning materials, virtual trainers, authentic assessment, industrial quality hands-on training equipment, and instructor training.
ATech develops curriculum and training systems for automotive and diesel education. ATech training systems support NATEF.
With a world-wide reputation for quality and technological excellence, Denford has established itself as a provider of “Total Solutions” for CNC training.
digital quest-logo
Digital Quest is a Mississippi-based development- and training-oriented company enabling educational institutions to provide their students with skill-based training in the growing, vital field of geospatial technology. The company’s varied product line is used by instructors in GIS-specific programs of study at the college, community college and high-school levels. Digital Quest products also are used to enhance non-GIS-specific programs of study such as environmental engineering, law enforcement, city planning, or forestry and many others. We know GIS and geospatial technology, being that we’ve written many user-friendly courses and books on the subject. We deliver complete turn-key courses that instructors with little or no previous GIS knowledge can teach to students. We also provide entry-level GIS technician certification. Our products prepare students for geospatial careers, or they round out a student’s education in another field, giving that student a greater edge when entering the workplace. Ninety percent of all geospatial jobs are part of other jobs.
Dynalogic Concepts has developed a series of experiment circuit boards to accommodate the Basic Skills Series in Electricity and Electronics published by McGraw-Hill Book Company. The boards are specifically designed to accommodate the experiment manuals in this series.
In the beginning boards components are mounted in circuit areas uncommitted. At this level students learn how to build circuits by wiring point to point using # 22 solid wire inserted into spring sockets connected to the components. These circuits are correlated to the labs in the experiments manual.
As the student progresses through the advanced boards the circuits become pre-assembled allowing more time to study the circuits. We offer systems in Electricity, Electronics, and Digital Electronics.
Fanuc Robotics is the worldwide leader in industrial robotics with over 100,000 robots installed in the Americas and over 250,000 installed worldwide. FANUC Robotics America now offers Certified Education Robot Training to qualifying High Schools, Community Colleges, and Universities. With FANUC Robotics’ educational robots, students can learn to utilize the latest automation technology while applying Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Industrial robotics training in the classroom can safely be achieved through the CERT program. The CERT programs includes instructor training, student curriculum and training hardware to provide a turn-key training solution.
FANUC Certified Education CNC Training program designed for students to graduate with the knowledge and real-world skills to be productive right out-of-the-gate to run a CNC mill or lathe. This directly addresses the need in manufacturing for skilled CNC operators and programmers on industry’s most popular choice of control with the largest installed base.
FANUC also offers a high-speed, high-precision small machining center with FANUC standard CNC installed. FANUC has engineered the ROBODRILL machine center to address all machining needs for its class. This amazing machine tool is available in short, standard and long bed models.
iConnect Training’s training units represent a wide variety of subjects in the heating, refrigeration and air conditioning industries. The training units range from demonstrating simple concepts to illustrating advanced troubleshooting and servicing techniques. iConnect believes that prior to going out into the field, the student should fully understand the theory and operational or service techniques behind each specific system iConnect training units provide the HVAC/R student with the knowledge & training for the safe and efficient operation of all types of systems found in our industry.

Their iManifold is a powerful teaching tool, using smart technology that students will embrace. The iManifold is the first iOS and Android compatible digital wireless gauge that will revolutionize the HVAC industry for training and education. Learn more by clicking here,
Interior Concepts manufactures the best space saving furniture available for education. Their innovative modular panel system takes up less room and allows our customers to do more with less, comfortably fitting more people into a space or creating more usable space in any given area.
Levil Technology is a family oriented, Central Florida based company established in 1999 dedicated to the design and production of desktop CNC milling machines for education, the hobby enthusiasts and industrial production of small parts.
Welding Simulators and Equipment
Bring Your Classroom Training to Life
Lincoln Electric’s integrated learning approach for welding students stresses hands-on experience with different types of welds. There’s only one way to acquire that experience – by working with training simulators and the actual welding equipment students will use as they embark on their welding careers.

LJ Create develops blended learning resources in Green and Sustainability, STEM and Career and Technical Education for elementary, secondary and post secondary education. Employs both cloud based training and hands-on hardware.
The Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), a 501(c)3 non-profit, is an industry-led, training, assessment and certification system focused on the core skills and knowledge needed by the nation’s front-line production and material handling workers. The nationwide MSSC System, based upon industry-defined and federally-endorsed standards, offers both entry-level and incumbent workers the opportunity to demonstrate that they have acquired the skills increasingly needed in the technology-intensive jobs of the 21st century. MSSC offers two certifications for this workforce: Certified Production Technician (CPT) & Certified Logistics Technician (CLT).
Marcraft designs and manufactures turnkey solutions for Green Technology, STEM and Career and Technical Education. These turnkey solutions include student curriculum, instructor support, and state of the art hardware.
MINDS-i Robotics Education is designed to give students an interactive approach to applied science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). MINDS-i is rocking the Robotics Education world with a high-technology platform that is simple to use, extraordinarily durable, infinitely modifiable, and will prepare student with the skills they need to excel in the 21st century. We inspire a rigorous college and career relevant experience through STEM Robotics in the everyday classroom in a format that can impact each and every student.
For 10 years, Real Games has been changing the way people learn. Real Games is a developer of 3D educational software for schools, colleges and other organizations. Our company has been working on simulation software for ten years; we have more than 30 commercial partners worldwide and strong research and development connections with universities and research centers.
Simlog, the standard in cost-effective simulation for training heavy equipment operators in Construction, Mining, Forestry, and Material Handling. Only Simlog offers the variety of setup options needed to suit your operator training budget. Count on Simlog to reduce your training costs and improve your training effectiveness.
SimSpray is the immersive virtual reality spray painting simulation, teaching fundamental spray painting skills for HVLP processes. Visual cues, detailed scoring, pass, and performance tracking provide a continuous source of feedback. Realistic paint effects show the coat quality, thickness, and defects produced by the student’s technique. Students can master quality painting techniques through constant feedback, performance analysis, realistic painting, and experience that SimSpray offers.​
SimBuild is an educational software platform that teaches basic trade skills through interactive 3D simulations. Unlike traditional, lecture-based training programs, the SimBuild platform delivers a more effective, engaging experience by enabling students to learn through virtual applications of the basic skills used in construction and metalworking. This innovative methodology increases student retention, lessens the need for administrative oversight and significantly reduces the costs associated with training workers.
zSpace is the ultimate immersive learning experience. Instead of just reading about science, zSpace allows students to interact with objects and really understand the science behind them. With zSpace, students can learn highly engaging tasks that are often too complex, expensive and/or dangerous for the classroom.
Imagine dissecting a frog or a human without getting messy or building a robot without having to worry about limited supplies or student safety. Then imagine doing this and much more during your 45-minute science class or basic anatomy class—with zSpace you can!
The zSpace STEM package combines high definition 3D experience and interactive engagement within the zSpace environment along with learning applications built around the Next Generation Science Standards. Hardware, software and curriculum support is included.