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Classroom Furniture

We have ideas for everyone, from kids learning their ABC's to employees that need flexible sit-to-stand workstations. We are ready to share our expertise and outside-the-box thinking with you to deliver made-to-order turnkey furniture solutions that are durable, attractive, functional, adaptable, and an exceptional investment of funds.

STEM Furniture

Design your technology furniture and STEM lab furniture to meet the needs of your curriculum. We have designed school furniture for years for career and technical education (CTE), and have created new designs to meet the needs of STEM programs nationwide. Today’s programs require furniture that allows collaboration, looks professional, and can withstand years of use. Interior Concepts delivers on all counts with furniture that is backed by a lifetime warranty, made in the USA, and is MAS® Certified Green.

Technology programs have unique furniture requirements. Whether you need drafting/CAD workstations, sewing machine carts, or a lab designed for CTE, our furniture is a proven performer. Over the past twenty years we’ve created and designed furniture for animation labs, graphic design labs, and a multitude of other career and technology environments across the country.

STEM Lab Interior Concepts - TechEd Products

If you’re looking for flexible furniture solutions for STEM, we can help you build your vision. STEM labs are becoming an integral part of 21st century learning.  Your furniture and room design will help to facilitate STEM curriculum and programs to maximize learning. Work with us to build your furniture around the curriculum and program goals. Sign up for our newsletter for more information or request a quote to start the design process.

Shop Furniture

Montisa furniture is made from good honest materials and made for a hard day's work. Our growing product line is built around the things you use each day: storage, work tools, stools, desks, and tables.

We've been around since 1906, when we designed our classic steel-legged milking stool. Our product line has come a long way since those days, but we still put our trust in solid materials and workmanship, and it's safe to say you can do the same.

Montisa - TechEd Products

Computer Lab Furniture

Computer Labs Interior Concepts- TechEd Products

Computer labs used to be a once-weekly privilege where students were able to share a screen for thirty minutes to play the Oregon Trail, or to test their typing speed. However, the role of the computer lab has changed over the years, with definitions and design that vary by school district. Computers in classrooms now facilitate technology-driven curriculum in areas such as industrial design, animation, and programming. With students employing robust software packages, these technology-rich computer labs require dedicated workstations designed to comfortably accommodate students and their CPUs, monitors, scanners, and printers.

Teacher's Furniture

A teacher’s desk is as much a part of the learning environment as the rest of the classroom. However, it becomes apparent that this crucial piece of furniture has not been reevaluated to meet the needs of the 21st century learning. With this in mind, at Interior Concepts we offer innovative teachers desk designs, which are made to meet the needs of the modern teacher in a modern classroom.

Teacher's Desk Interior Concepts - TechEd Products
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