Cyber Security

Cyber Security skills are in high demand, as threats continue to plague enterprises around the world

"Few job categories can match the explosive growth in demand for cyber security talent" - CIO JOURNAL

In today's Global IT environment, CYBER SECURITY goes well beyond traditional network security.

Based on the National Institute of Standard and Technology's (NIST) - Cyber Security Frameworks, the new ETG/Marcraft Cyber Security Essentials - Concepts and Practices course covers both theory and hands-on Labs.

Cyber Security Essentials:

  • Critical Infrastructure Security Systems and Devices

  • Intelligent Computing and Controlling Devices and Systems Security

  • Business Information Technology (IT) Network Security Systems and Techniques

  • Industrial/Utility Industrial Control System (ICS) Networks and Devices Security

  • Medical Network and Data System Security

  • Ethical Hacking Roles and Tools

"In short, America's economic prosperity in the 21st century will depend on cyber security." - THE WHITE HOUSE

Office of the Press Secretary

The Marcraft Cyber Security Essentials Program is a 4 Book Theory and Lab Set that includes 180 Hours of illustrated theory, integrated with step-by-step hands-on labs with equipment.

Equipment Package for

24 Students includes:

  • Physical Asset Protection Panel & Accessories

  • PLC with Factory Simulation Software

  • Complete Software Hacking Support Tools

  • Medical Device, Probes and Software

  • Networking Equipment & Software

"... Industrial Control Systems (ICS), which constitute the "soft underbelly" of the American economy and defense, can enable a "Cyber Pearl Harbor" to occur without having the capability of even knowing the impacts were cyber-induced..." - STANFORD UNIVERSITY Center for International Security and Cooperation

Prepares students to challenge ISACA Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate Exam!

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Advanced Cyber Security Endorsements:

45 Hours of Theory & Hands-On Labs

  • Enterprise Network Security - Business Networking & Server Management

  • Industrial and Utility Security Systems - Automated Processes, Programmable Logic Controllers, Smart Grids, Structural Security, Grid Networks, WANs and HANs, Smart Meters, SCADA Systems & Security Issues and Solutions

  • Healthcare IT Security - Medical System Structure & HIPPA Requirements

  • Hacking, Cracking & Internet Jacking (Certified Ethical Hacker) - Black Hat, White Hat & Gray Hat