Certified Logistics Technician

CLT is a nationally portable, industry-led program that prepares individuals for front-line material handling and supply chain logistics jobs in fulfillment centers, warehouses, distribution centers, and factories. This online training program includes a stackable certification for employees with the 21st Century, in-demand skills needed for long-term career paths in over 5.8 million supply chain logistics jobs.

CLT is delivered and customized locally through 1,500 MSSC Centers with a network of over 2,300 Authorized Instructors at colleges, secondary schools, and other convenient locations.

  • Available nationwide

  • Nationally accredited

  • Federally recognized

  • Always up to date

  • Time and cost-effective for students

  • Articulates between high schools and colleges

  • Easily integrated into apprenticeships and internships

  • Customizable at the community level

  • Improved employee performance and retention

  • Reduces recruitment and training cost


MSSC has two optional training courses which combine interactive, online training with instructor-led material to help individuals learn the basic skills and knowledge required for material handling jobs that will prepare them for certification and their career.

Foundation-level Certified

Logistics Associate

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the various roles in the global supply chain logistics life cycle

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the logistics environment

  • Operate and use equipment

  • Practice safety principles

  • Practice quality control principles

  • Employ work communication practices

  • Practice teamwork and good workplace behavior to solve problems

  • Use relevant computer systems and applications to increase productivity



Mid-level Certified

Logistics Technician

  • Receive products

  • Stock products

  • Process product orders

  • Prepare packages for shipment and ship products

  • Maintain control of inventory

  • Handle hazardous materials in a safe manner

  • Evaluate transportation modes

  • Perform dispatch, routing and tracking operations

  • Understand U.S. measurements and metic system conversions

Stackable Industry Driven Pathways

CLT is stackable under the NAM-endorsed Skills Certification System and can be coordinated with ACT's National Career Readiness System, NIMS, AWS, SME, APICS, and ASTL.

New Performance Based Assessment and

Hands-on Training Device

Skill Boss Logistics

Amatrol and the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) announce the debut of Skill Boss Logistics, a supply chain automation training and assessment device for use in conjunction with MSSC’s new Certified Technician in Supply Chain Automation (CTSCA) logistics certifications. It will enable both students and incumbent workers to gain the skills needed to meet the definition of a supply chain automation technician established by the National Science Foundation-funded National Center for Supply Chain Automation: a technician who installs, operates, supports, upgrades or maintains the automated material handling equipment and systems which support the supply chain.

Over a dozen of the world’s leading distribution and package delivery corporations have advised Amatrol on the design of Skill Boss Logistics. Easily transportable, the device fits easily into a company training facility or community college tech center. Its compact replication of a full-scale automated sortation system will entice many more students to pursue well-paid careers in supply chain automation. It’s also cost effective, enabling use by small as well as large companies and by many more schools who are unable to afford large tech centers.

Key information about Skill Boss Logistics: Skill Boss Logistics is a bench-sized automated sortation system measuring a compact 34-in x 96-in. The system includes a variety of supply chain automation components, including multiple types of conveyors, electro-pneumatic sorters, vacuum, 2D barcode reader, PLC control, Ethernet network, AC and DC drives, and warehouse control software. The system also includes an innovative computerized fault insertion system to provide testing of troubleshooting skills based on realistic sortation system problems.


The Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), an industry-led 501 ©(3) non-profit, is America's leader in training and certifying foundational technical competencies for front-line workers for in-demand, higher wage, higher skills jobs in advanced manufacturing and logistics. Workers with MSSC certifications are qualified for 11.3 million jobs in front-line production, material handling, and distribution. 84% of executives surveyed agreed there is a talent shortage in U.S. manufacturing.

MSSC is helping industry close the gap as they prepare to



84% of executives surveyed agree there is a talent shortage in U.S. manufacturing: MSSC is strategically positioned to help industry resolve this shortage.

  • Hands on training and testing device options

  • High employer ROI

  • Employability skills

  • Delivered and customized locally

  • Timely and cost effective for students

  • Articulates well between high school and colleges

  • Integrated into apprenticeships and internships

  • Secures pipeline of certified production and logistics technicians



MSSC Certifications enable students to build lucrative career pathways in manufacturing and supply chain. Immediate benefits include:

  • Higher Wages

  • Improved Job Placement Rates

  • Increased Confidence


The North Carolina Manufacturing Institute conducted a survey of manufacturers the have hired CPT graduates since 2014 to measure overall satisfaction.

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