Certified Industry 4.0 Specialist

Automation Systems Specialist I


Core Credentials

C-100 Certified Industry 4.0 Associate I

201 Electrical Systems 1

202 Electric Motor Control Systems I

203 Variable Frequency Drive Systems I

204 Motor Control Troubleshooting I

205 Sensor Logic Systems I (or C100 Certified Industry 4.0 Associate I & C-102 Certified Industry 4.0 Associate II)

206 Electrical System Installation I

207 Programmable Controller Systems I (or C-102 Certified Industry 4.0 Associate II & C-104 Certified Industry 4.0 Associate IV)

208 Programmable Controller Troubleshooting 1

209 Pneumatic Systems I

210 Mechanical Power Systems I

211 Industry 4.0 Total Production Maintenance Management

212 Ethernet Communications I

213 Smart Sensor & Identification Systems I

214 Smart Factory Systems I

215 Robotic Operations I (or C-103 Certified Industry 4.0 Associate III)

216 Robotic Systems I (or C-103 Certified Industry 4.0 Associate III)

Prepares individuals to succeed in entry-level maintenance technician positions in modern production environments that use Industry 4.0 technologies. Also, elective credentials are ideal for engineers seeking to become versed in Industry 4.0 automation and those pursuing SACA Professional Certification.

Elective Credentials

251 Mechanical Power Troubleshooting

252 Laser Shaft Alignment

253 Electrical Motor Troubleshooting 1

254 Pneumatic Troubleshooting 1

255 Hydraulic Systems I

256 Hydraulic Maintenance

257 Process Control Systems I

258 Process Control Systems Troubleshooting 1

259 Rigging Systems I

260 Rigging Systems II

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