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Educational Products Based on Real-World Technology

Encouraging the next generation of students to take on the world's biggest problems.

Over 200 schools, universities and programs around the country are adopting the NeroMaker STEM curriculum, which allows students to not only build a prosthetic hand and explore concepts within brain computer interfaces (BCI), but also tie their learning back to real-world applications.

By engaging students in these authentic project-based learning experiences, they are poised to make societal impacts that strengthen the human connection that make the world a better place.

Incubated From the Harvard iLab

"Why can only 4% of the people who need advanced prosthetics afford them?"

Four Harvard students asked this question, and just three years later became BrainRobotic’s founders.  The answer is an advanced AI and BMI-powered prosthetic that could be offered at a fraction of the cost of existing myoelectric devices.

Revolutionizing this technology for social good won BrainRobotics multiple awards such as the 2019 Time Magazine 100 Best Inventions of Year, Red Dot 2020 Best of the Best Award, Digital Trends CES 2020 Top Tech Award, and more.

Our Next Big Problem to Solve

"How can we inspire students to take on other big technology challenges?"

The NeuroMaker team is working to provide students an opportunity to experiment and develop real world applications of AI and BCI (brain/computer interface) technology through scalable hardware, curriculum, challenges and more. 

NeuroMaker lets students build, code, create and discover with students from all over the world!


Technology Based on Real-World Products

BrainRobotics - TechEd Products


BrainRobotics is the creator of a Time Magazine Award winning prosthetic hand. The NeuroMaker HAND is based on the engineer design draft model for the first version of the prosthetic hand made by BrainRobotics hence why the two companies work closely together to add authentic learning experiences within NeuroMaker curriculum offerings.

FocusCalm - TechEd Products


FocusCalm is an EEG headband and app that helps you learn how to control your mindset in just a few minutes per day. FocusCalm is developing breakthrough devices and services that use the power of brainwaves to make amazing things happen in the physical world. NeuroMaker BCI uses the same headband as users of FocusCalm to learn about neuroscience.

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